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"There are higher mountains, but no more beautiful ones!" says extreme alpin climber Reinhold Messmer about the mountains in Vinschgau valley. And you will prove him right, from the leisurely walk in the valley to the ascent of the Ortler, the highest mountain in South Tyrol, the Vinschgau meets all demands. We have:

  • Irrigation Channel Paths: e.g. directly in Schlanders you will find the Neuwaal, Ilzwaal and Zaalwaal Zaalwaal - woman taking a rest Zaalwaal - bell signaling about the water flow
  • Theme trails: z.B. Gumperleweg at Schluderns, Meditaion path at Laas, Ötzisteig at Schnalstal, national park high mountain hikes
  • Mountain huts and Refuges: e.g. hike to the marbel quarries, Göflaner mountain hut, Alper rose hike, Soy mountain hut in Martelltal, Martellerhütte and many more.
  • Venosta valley high mountain trail: The path develops from the Adige river source at the Resia Pass in the north until Stava/Staben (108km). VVenosta valley high mountain trail - Patsch

Mountain biking

Cycling in the summer on the Nördersberg - there it is not so hot. The mountain bike paradise Schlanderser - Nördersberg is located in the middle of the National Park Stelvio. Wonderfully overgrown forest roads, unique forests up to the rugged summit, everything is possible with us.

  • With the bike from the Sonnwarthof to the white marble quarries, a challenging but very nice tour or
  • try the "Holy Hansen Trail", right on our doorstep or
  • the "Montesole Trail", on the oposit side of the Venosta valley

Mountenbiker in the pedestrian zone of Schlanders Apple orchards in spring - bike-rider

Other activities

Schlanders has a great leisure facility with an outdoor pool.
And if the weather is not so nice, visit the indoor swimming pool Aquaforum in Laces or the water park in Naturns.
If you are passionate about climbing, you will be able to climb 3000m high peaks or practice indoor in Schluderns and Martell, as well as various high ropes courses in the vicinity (for more information, follow this link).

water park

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