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White mountain peaks, bright blue sky and at your feet a valley with millions of apple tree blossoms. This is your spring beginn at the farm Sonnwarthof.
Admire the magnificent bloom of our apricot orchards, it is a unique experience every year.

blooming apricot orchards mountain creek


Relax with us in the summer with a lots of sun and fresh scented air.
With pleasure you can accompany us in our daily work on the farm and fields. There is always something to experience: in the stable, bring in the hay or pick apricots.
Or take a hike to one of the many farmed alpine pastures, such as the Göflaner Alm. A few hundred meters above there is the Göflan marble quarry and next to it in the mountain slopes you can admire the flower Edelweiss in the wild.
If you prefer to do a bike ride you can select on many bike paths in the valley or you take the mountain bike on a tour on the many forest trails that run through the woods.

farmed alpine pastures Göflaner Alm


The valley slowly turns into a sea of varied colors at this time of the year (similar to the indian summer). Apple trees, vines and above all, chestnut trees now discolor their foliage. The year of work is slowly coming to an end and the calm of the approaching winter is already casting its shadow over our farm Sonnwarthof.
Particularly popular at this time of year is an hike along the many irrigation channel trails for example the Zaalwaal and the Ilswaal directly from Kortsch to Schlanders.
A special highlight is the autumn hike to the farms Egg and Forra from the cable car station St. Martin am Kofel or the transhumance in the valey Schnalstal.

Old mill at the Zaalwaal Apple orchard in autumn transhumance in the valey Schnalstal Vineyard just before the harvest


At our place you can easily forget everyday life: make a quiet snowshoe hike through our forests until up to the peak of the mountain where the white season shows its most beautiful side. In the evening, a cozy warm apartment is waiting for you.
From our place you can take trips in several ski resorts. At a distance of 45 minutes driving time are the following ski areas: Meran 2000, Schnalstaler Glacier, Watles, Sulden - Ortler Ski Arena, Mala S. Valentino and Belpiano, Reschenpass.

Church of Schalnder in winter winter panorama

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